Hello! Welcome to “jrwaterworld” and thank you for visiting us.

“jrwaterworld” is a site where we, Josep and Rosa, want to show you a compilation of photos. Some are taken during our last years of traveling to different countries and others are part of our daily life.

Our “daily life” is nothing else than the last sixteen years living in the Maldives. We have been working in this unique country since 1999. It is probably unnecessary to mention that our main interests are SCUBA diving, traveling and photography.

During the last years we have been lucky enough to travel to many different countries and with the help of digital photography we are now able to show you a selection of our best pictures. Some of them are taken at the early years of popular digital photography with a Sony Cybershot 3.2MP, others are taken with a 7MP Olympus 7070 prosumer camera and since 2010 we have been using a Nikon D700 with f2.8 lenses which render a stunning image quality.